The Phantom Queen Awakes - Paperback edition

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The Phantom Queen Awakes - Paperback edition

The Phantom Queen Awakes - Paperback edition
Item #: PQ011

Love, death and war...

The Morrigan goddess represented all three to the ancient Celts. Journey with our authors as they tell stories of love, war, hatred, revenge and mortality - each featuring the Morrigan in her many guises.

Re-visit the world of Deverry, and of Nevyn, with a previously unpublished tale by Katharine Kerr, watch the Norse gods meet their Celtic counterparts with Elaine Cunningham, meet a druid who dances for the dead with C.E. Murphy and follow the path of a Roman centurion with Anya Bast.

These are but a few offerings from the stories collection in The Phantom Queen Awakes. If you are searching for a rich blend of dark fantasy, then this is a collection perfect for you.

The Phantom Queen Awakes stories:

Rising Tide: Ruth Shelton

Kiss of the Morrigan: Anya Bast

I Guard Your Death: Lynne Lumsden Green

Gifts of the Morrigan: Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Cairn Dancer: C. E. Murphy

Washerwoman: Jennifer Lawrence

The Ravenís Curse: Sharon Kae Reamer

Ravens: Mari Ness

The Lass from Far Away: Katharine Kerr

The Trinket: Peter Bell

The Dying Gaul: Michael Bailey

The Children of Badb Catha: James Lecky

The Plain of Pillars: L. J. Hayward

The Silver Branch: Linda Donahue

The Good and Faithful Servant: Martyn Taylor

The White Heifer of Fearchair: T. A. Moore

She Who is Becoming: Elaine Cunningham

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The Phantom Queen Awakes - Paperback edition

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